One Dental is your trusted source for premium dental supplies for dental students, educators and practitioners in Australia. We are committed to innovation, often collaborating..." />
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Enhance your view with TruView

One Dental is your trusted source for premium dental supplies for dental students, educators and practitioners in Australia. We are committed to innovation, often collaborating with industry leaders to offer the latest advancements in dental technology.

Among our many revolutionary products, TruView is a compelling example of our unwavering dedication to redefining dental care, expertly created by renowned endodontist Steven Cohn.

A brief history

More than four decades ago, Dr Steven Cohn embarked on a journey to find a practical solution for a real-life problem.

“...There is a process we have to measure the length of the tooth to clear it out, and it's very difficult to take the image required. Long ago, I originally designed a device called the Snap-X to work in that particular situation,” he says.

“TruView came about because the moulds stopped getting made for the Snap-X production, so I designed a new device which, due to the evolution of time, had changed from film to digital, so it was an update because the whole game had changed.”

Motivated by necessity, Dr Cohn studied existing devices, drew inspiration from their concepts, and then ingeniously elevated and honed those ideas to fashion the modern TruView positioning device.

“It was developed while on the job as an endodontist,” he says. “I looked at the problem and the devices that were out there trying to solve it, and they weren’t as fit-for-purpose because there wasn’t that input from practitioners, so I brought the practitioner perspective.”

What does TruView do?

TruView is an advanced PSP/Film or Digital Positioning Device that delivers high-quality diagnostic images with a reduced number of exposures. It complements the increasingly popular use of intraoral and digital cameras, providing more reliable documentation of the clinical condition of teeth, gums and the mouth, through still and moving images.

TruView proves to be the ideal choice for dental practices, benefitting both dental professionals and auxiliary staff with its user-friendly design. This innovative device streamlines the imaging process, offering unparalleled versatility that makes it an indispensable tool for elevating dental care and delivering first-class patient experiences.

One Dental exclusively distributes TruView, proudly manufactured in Australia. Of his partnership with One Dental and our Founder, Joanne Stanbury, Dr Cohn says, “I met Joanne from One Dental a long time ago, and we built that rapport professionally for a long time. Joanne offers a personalised service that larger conglomerates absolutely do not, and I think people in the industry truly appreciate this.”

Where to next? AI…

Like most industries, the future of dentistry is robotics and artificial intelligence. Automation has become increasingly prevalent, with machines even capable of placing tooth caps. The continuous advancements and refinements in these technologies are ushering in more sophisticated tools that hold the potential to enhance dental care with easier diagnosis, treatment and maintenance.

However, the demand for essential products and their manufacturing, sales and marketing will persist. Of the intensified reliance on AI and automation in the dental sector, Dr Cohn states, “But there will always be a need for those products they’re placing to be made and to be sold and to be marketed and One Dental is positioned in that niche.”

Tomorrow’s innovations start today

Partner with One Dental for future-focused dental innovation. Are you a dental professional with a problem like Dr Steven Cohn’s? Have you thought about ways to overcome it?

If you have a challenge or an innovative product idea, our professional, knowledgeable team is here to listen.

At One Dental, we leverage our industry expertise and build powerful relationships to help our clients stay ahead of the curve. We ensure we can always provide the best dental equipment, supplies, tools and training materials.

Talk to our team today to discover more about TruView or product design, or explore our wide range of products, customised kits and dental supplies tailored to optimise your professional practice or educational institution.

Enhance your view with TruView