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One Dental student course kits

Future dental professionals across the country benefit from the decades-long experience of the One Dental team every time they step into practical classes and exams.

As the preferred supplier for dental education in the country, One Dental sources and prepares the materials required for a number of dental education courses in Australia.

It was a niche market One Dental CEO and founder Joanne Stanbury fell into after noticing a gap in the market.

"I remember what it was like to be a student and I remember what it was like to be scrambling for materials for exams and simulations,” she said.

"When I started One Dental, I built relationships with different academics and institutions early on and now they will ring me directly when they are devising new course materials and we will discuss the course kits they need to teach students what they need to know and practise.”

One Dental is a family-owned Australian dental supply company that imports, manufactures and distributes hundreds of clinically proven and innovative dental products.

Personalised, one-on-one service

Being accessible to academics and educational institutions as a valued industry partner is at the core of Joanne’s vision for One Dental.

One Dental has a knowledgeable, efficient and strong team of professional and experienced dental salespeople who enjoy a close business relationship with clients, backed up by the One Dental friendly, helpful Customer Service staff in our Sydney head office.

We understand the importance of education and training on the products and ensure there is training and support for various product ranges.

“I value my relationship with educational institutions and academics and also the students themselves who will go on to become our industry professionals,” Joanne said.

“We spend many months working with academics and course coordinators and devise a list of necessary materials for their students.

We work on a master kit from the previous year, but given the way things are changing in the oral health industry as a whole, these kits are always tweaked and changed and the materials are added to.

Because we are a boutique business, we have the flexibility to adapt to these changes in the education landscape and source what is needed to keep pace with the overall movement of the industry.”

A typical One Dental student course kit could include:

  • Hand instruments
  • Dental burs
  • Models
  • Teeth packs

Being able to source a ready-made pack gives students peace of mind before starting a course, but also helps to teach them to take care of their materials.

“Learning to look after your instruments really primes students for their profession,” Joanne said.

“You have to learn early on to look after your gear. It’s an important part of the education process, and we love being a part of it.”

Investment in the future of oral health

At the core of her work with educational institutions is Joanne’s overarching commitment to improving oral health services.

One Dental is continuing to grow and evolve and is always seeking to improve and enhance its relationships with clients through quality innovation and superior service.

“I want to help to improve oral health for everyone,” Joanne said.

“That is the main aim in everything we do at One Dental, and providing course materials for oral health professionals in training is one way to do this.”

Joanne likens the One Dental student course kits to ‘ordering textbooks.’

“Basically we prepare that pack of things you will need for your course, like you would order your textbooks, but they’re materials and items you need for simulations and practicals,” she said.

“We are thrilled to be Australia’s biggest supplier of dental educational materials, but we are also thrilled just to be a part of the future of oral health as industry partners.

We feel valued and we can help shape the future of the industry and that is worth so much to us.”

Vending machine products at reliable prices

In addition to the One Dental student course kits, One Dental also places a ‘vending machine’ style offering across many educational institutions in Australia so that students can easily access replacement items for their kits.

One Dental developed these unique vending machines for the dispensing of a range of products.

“A vending machine was the perfect solution for both markets where students and patients wanted products immediately and conveniently. We are dedicated to servicing our clients' needs, and in this fast moving world a dedicated dental vending machine provides that option,” Joanne said.

The set-up allows students to access the materials they need for a reliable price.

“Our vending machines allow students to grab things they need a refill of before they have a big exam or pick up a replacement item,” Joanne said.

“Allowing students to take control of their own materials and to have easy access to these materials is very important and sets them up for a realistic idea of what sourcing materials required is like in the industry as professionals.

Our aim at One Dental is to make these materials easily accessible and for a reliable price - we have seen great success with the vending machine method.”

Why One Dental clients love their services

A niche supplier, One Dental has a solid reputation in the oral health industry as a reliable and personable supplier - transcending the notion of a ‘salesperson’ role.

One Dental is well regarded for its comprehensive assortment of quality instruments, educational mannequins and accompanying materials to teaching institutions, along with high-level service and customisation to meet the needs of our market.

It’s a point of difference Joanne and the team work hard to ensure continues to set them apart from the pack.

“Our people deal directly with our customers and offer truly personalised service,” she said.

“A lot of our clients come to us with a query that we may not be able to solve, but we will know someone who can solve it - that’s something we’re known for.”

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One Dental student course kits