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Instruments of precision: Inside the world of root canal procedures

Root canal. For the general population, dread creeps in at the thought of it. But for dental professionals, it's just another day in the office. Using a range of specialised instruments and equipment, they restore dental health and alleviate pain. The tools involved in these procedures are essential for their success and demonstrate the precision and expertise required in modern dentistry.

At One Dental, your trusted, Australian-owned go-to supplier of dental products for practitioners, we stock an extensive range of items for root canal procedures. With quality and service as our top priorities, you can count on us for precision when it matters. Discover more about root canals and the dental tools required.

Taking a look at the procedure

A root canal involves removing infected pulp from within the tooth and replacing it with an inert material. The aim is to salvage a tooth affected by deep decay, infection, or trauma. Contrary to popular belief, the procedure is relatively painless thanks to advancements in dental techniques and anaesthetics. It can be performed by a dentist or an endodontist.

During a root canal, the dental practitioner carefully accesses the inner chambers of the tooth to eliminate infected or damaged pulp tissue, disinfecting and sealing the canals to prevent further infection. In some cases, restoration of the tooth's chewing surface with a filling or crown may also be necessary to ensure its functionality is preserved.

Given the need for extreme accuracy and attention to detail, precision tools and instruments are indispensable in executing this intricate procedure.

Some of the instruments required include:

Endodontic files

These slender, flexible instruments are the workhorses of root canal therapy. Designed to navigate the intricate root canal system, endodontic files come in various sizes and tapers to accommodate different tooth anatomy and treatment needs.

Gates-Glidden Drills

Used primarily to shape the walls of the root canal, Gates-Glidden drills help remove debris and facilitate better access for subsequent instrumentation.

Apical gauging instruments

Ensuring precise measurement of the root canal’s length is critical for successful treatment outcomes. Apical gauging instruments help determine the canal’s working length accurately, guiding the dentist in proper instrumentation and obturation.

Dental mirrors and explorers

Basic yet indispensable, these tools provide visual access and aid in the detection of hidden canal openings, cracks or calcifications, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and treatment efficacy.

Gutta-Percha points and obturators

Following cleaning and shaping, the root canal is filled and sealed to prevent reinfection and future microbial invasion. Gutta-Percha points, along with obturators, serve this purpose, ensuring a hermetic seal and long-term procedural success.

Talk to the dental supply experts

We understand that quality equipment plays a pivotal role in delivering exceptional patient care. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of dental products customised to meet the specific needs of dental professionals, educators, and even simulation products for students.

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Instruments of precision: Inside the world of root canal procedures