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Columbia Dentoform Dental Products

For over 100 years, Columbia Dentoform® models have provided simulated conditions for training dental students. These models are also ideal for practitioners to use as patient education tools. They offer a realistic representation of natural dentition, including proper occlusal relationships, embrasures, simulated gingiva and their patented Ivorine® tooth material.

The complete line of Columbia Dentoform® models offers a wide range of options to meet diverse teaching needs. What sets this brand apart is its curriculum-builder models. They can collaborate to design and customise unique models for individual curriculum needs.

As part of DENTALEZ®, a leading dental supply company dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art solutions for dental practices, they provide smart technology and lasting value with a proven track record.

Our long-term partnership with Columbia Dentoform®

Since 2008, One Dental has proudly partnered with Columbia Dentoform®, sharing their passion for dental education and simulation training, top-level customer service and offering customised solutions to the market.

This collaboration gave us the opportunity to be creative and inspire academics to develop materials that align with their unique teaching styles, needs and preferences.

Through our partnership, we have innovated and customised our own range of products, incorporating new ideas from academics in Australia and around the world to meet the global needs of diverse dental audiences.

One Dental’s extensive Columbia Dentoform® simulation range

We offer an extensive range of Columbia Dentoform® products, with their lifelike caries simulated teeth and accompanying x-rays being among the most popular. These caries teeth also include ICDAs and are suitable for use in OSCE exams.

In addition to Dentoforms®, including dental hygiene, paediatric and periodontal varieties, they also offer various dental handpieces, instruments, teaching aids and dental equipment.

One Dental also has our own exclusive range of products created in partnership with Columbia Dentoform®.

Although our range is already extensive, we frequently receive requests for specific items and options. Therefore, we continuously adapt and expand our offerings to meet the evolving needs and requirements of schools, academics and individual students.

Talk to the experts at One Dental

“When a company permits you to further develop their range for your own market, it presents a wonderful opportunity for great collaboration and the realisation of innovative ideas. We really value our partnership with Columbia Dentoform® and look forward to whatever comes next.” - Jo Stanbury.

DENTALEZ is on a mission to provide everyday solutions to the challenges of dentistry, catering to the needs of patients and industry practitioners. We fully support this mission and eagerly anticipate more productive collaborations in the near future.

Our experienced team know dental products and can assist with your dental training and simulated learning needs. To learn more about Columbia Dentoform® products, particularly the ability to customise models to your specifications, please contact us today.

Columbia Dentoform Dental Products