3M takes great pride in promoting lifelong oral wellness through inventive, science-based, cost-effective solutions and quality products that help dental..." />
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3M takes great pride in promoting lifelong oral wellness through inventive, science-based, cost-effective solutions and quality products that help dental professionals provide the best oral healthcare and preserve smiles.

Health care is rapidly evolving, with more stringent patient requirements and new care delivery models. 3M can help you navigate these challenges, making your job as smooth as possible with the most reliable tools, products and equipment.

Globally, 3M is a beacon of innovation and progress, fostering advancements while actively promoting sustainable development. Through dedication to environmental preservation, corporate and social responsibility and economic growth, 3M consistently contributes to a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

Our long-term partnership with 3M

One Dental proudly shares 3M's dedication to advancing the science behind brilliant smiles. Our strong partnership with 3M dates back to 2014, yet our founder, Jo Stanbury, has over 20 years of personal experience collaborating with 3M products and staff.

As leaders in their field, 3M understand the importance of supporting dental students in their learning journey and ensuring they have access to the latest products and training materials. Over the years, we have collaborated with them to create student packs featuring high-performance products that provide students with the ideal simulation experience in preparation for everyday life in clinical settings.

We’ve jointly presented numerous courses, supporting 3M programs with our educational models and manikins while utilising their products. Our partnership fosters great synergy, and we look forward to future projects with 3M and our teaching institutions as new and innovative products and ranges become available.

An extensive 3M product range

We currently supply an extensive range of innovative 3M dental products, including high-performance dental adhesives and industry-leading dental restoratives engineered to enhance performance, profitability and patient satisfaction.

3M has streamlined the crown and bridge procedure to include fewer steps with proven products. This reduction in procedure time not only saves time but also minimises the potential for errors. Furthermore, 3M offers an impressive variety of preventative products that support a continuum of care for your patients at home.

Some notably popular 3M products include their dental crowns, which are widely favoured by students striving to master the preservation of paediatric dentition, and 3M Soflex discs, which are indispensable tools in any clinical setting.

Talk to the experts at One Dental

“3M has always seen the importance of dental education. We’re both on a mission to immerse students in the latest learning techniques right from the start. It makes sense to do that together. It is a real pleasure to partner with them.” - Jo Stanbury.

Our experienced team is knowledgeable about dental products and can assist you in making informed decisions about your needs. To learn more about our extensive range of 3M products, contact us today.

3M Dental Products