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Working with local academics on innovative dental instruments

While they say a good craftsperson never blames their tools, sometimes imperfect instruments do hinder the pursuit of dental perfection. In the world of dentistry, artistry blends seamlessly with science, and a continual commitment to progression enhances the practice. At One Dental, we love partnering with local academics to design and manufacture innovative dental instruments.

We are your premier, Australian-owned dental supply store with everything you need for your professional dental practice or educational journey. If we don't have what you need and can't source it because it doesn't exist yet, we'll customise a solution. Here are some of the products we've collaboratively created with industry professionals.

Endodontic instruments

Endodontic instruments are precision tools utilised for treating dental pulp and the surrounding root tissues. These instruments play a pivotal role in procedures aimed at diagnosing, preventing and treating conditions that impact the dental pulp—the central part of the tooth housing nerves and blood vessels.

Root Canal Spreader

An academic expert meticulously crafted this instrument, blending the dimensions of 21mm and 25mm. This design enables the operator to initiate procedures with the 25mm size, effortlessly transitioning to the shorter 21mm length as they progress up the canal.

Endo Plugger-Paddle DE Glick #1 RL version

Custom-made to the exact specifications of an academic, this plugger and paddle combination ensures optimal performance by aiding in compacting and condensing filling materials within the root canal and shaping and distributing these materials effectively.

Restorative instruments

Restorative instruments are tools used to repair or replace damaged or missing teeth, including items such as dental burs, composite instruments and carvers.

Carver Hollenback Bryant 3s

Also known as a Half-Hollenback, this customised version features blades measuring 6.5mm in length and 1.5mm in width. Developed with specifications from Professor Roland Bryant, the Carver Hollenback Bryant 3s incorporates an acute angle, preventing the loss of finger rest during carving from the buccal or lingual aspect.


Our Condenser, DE, Plain, Mortenson BRY Wesco #2-3, was also the result of a partnership with Professor Roland Bryant. It comes with a DuraLite handle and is for use with restorative materials.


This Burnisher, DE, coated in titanium-nitride features a small dilly tapered cone and small acorn as the result of a collaboration with an academic partner.

Composite placement instrument

This tool is a customised composite placement instrument with paddle and condenser and titanium-nitride coating. Its design allows for compacting and shaping composite material within a tooth cavity, facilitating the precise contouring of composite resin to restore tooth structure.

Precision is paramount in dentistry

Having the perfect tools for dental procedures is crucial for achieving optimal outcomes, as even the slightest deviations can have significant implications. From intricate root canal treatments to delicate restorations, the right instruments ensure accuracy, efficiency and patient comfort and safety.

Our capacity to collaborate, innovate and manufacture customised dental products is a game-changer, offering a solution when standard approaches may fall short in addressing the distinct challenges each professional faces. This flexibility in tool selection empowers professionals to stay ahead of the curve and play a pivotal role in advancements in the field.

Having the right tools instils confidence and helps develop expertise in professionals, facilitating a sense of mastery for a smoother, controlled execution of procedures. In dentistry, the perfect tool is not merely a convenience but a fundamental element in delivering exceptional care.

Talk to the experts in dental instrument innovation

Our dedication to clients goes beyond delivering high-quality, cost-effective products. We provide expert guidance and support to assist you in making well-informed decisions. Additionally, we can contribute to turning your product concepts into reality.

Customer service is the foundation of our success. Our numerous long-term partnerships are a testament to the continual support and guidance offered by our experienced professionals.

Have an idea for product improvement or something entirely new? Connect with our friendly team at One Dental today.

Working with local academics on innovative dental instruments