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Bur kits beyond cavity preparation

Burs are the backbone of dentistry, and the utility of bur kits stretches well beyond cavity preparation. With astounding practical versatility, they are essential dental companions that quietly facilitate a variety of procedures.

At One Dental, we are your trusted, Australian-owned supplier of dental tools and instruments for dental education and private practice. We specialise in importing, manufacturing and distributing premier, innovative, clinically validated products from burs and crowns to simulation and patient education. Each product has its own distinctive features. Now, let's explore the world of burs in more detail.

Burs and cavity preparation

Cavity preparation is a fundamental aspect of dental procedures, and burs provide crucial precision. They remove decayed tooth structures, laying the foundation for restorative procedures like fillings. Dental professionals use burs for fine adjustments and detailed work, ensuring optimal results.

Burs not only remove decay but also shape and contour the tooth surface, creating an ideal environment for restorative material placement. Various types, including carbide and diamond burs, offer versatility in cavity preparation, catering to specific needs and ensuring efficiency in different clinical scenarios.

Effective cavity preparation with burs not only removes microbial load from the affected tooth but also helps prevent the spread of decay to adjacent areas, contributing to the overall health and better long-term outcomes of restorative treatments. Burs also play a crucial role in other restorative procedures such as crown preparation and lengthening.

A Dental Student Bur Kit

At One Dental, our extensive range of dental supply products includes a dental student bur kit, featuring a selection of burs suitable for all cavity preparations and caries removal. The burs come conveniently stored in a metal bur block.

We offer a diverse selection of individual burs, catering to specific dental applications. These include laboratory, surgical, diamond and tungsten carbide burs.

Laboratory burs are specialised tools for extraoral applications such as cutting, modelling and polishing prosthetics, plaster models and other treatments involving acrylic materials.

Surgical burs facilitate control and access to a wide range of oral surgeries, periodontal treatments and precision shaping during restorative dentistry.

Diamond burs feature a stainless steel body fused with diamond powder. They come in different grit sizes tailored to the specific requirements of various dental procedures.

Tungsten carbide burs, three times thicker than steel, maintain sharpness exceptionally well, making them highly effective cutting tools. Unlike diamond burs that grind, carbide burs cut and chip, yielding a smoother finish.

Other dental tool essentials and purchasing online

From handpieces and specialised equipment to rubber dams, wedges, scalers and probes, we have what you need to maintain a modern dental clinic or to help you acquire essential skills on your journey to becoming a dental professional.

Setting up an account and purchasing your dental supplies online is straightforward. While we are Australia's go-to supplier, we also offer efficient worldwide shipping, with orders dispatched every day.

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Bur kits beyond cavity preparation