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Paediatric dental training tools: learning to care for smaller smiles

Every smile is unique and beautiful but nothing lights up a room quite like a child's smile. And in the dental industry, we don't just want to preserve the beauty of smaller smiles, we want to start building a foundation in childhood for a lifetime of good oral health. At One Dental, we offer paediatric dental training tools, aids and products, like our pulpotomy teeth, because caring for a smaller mouth isn't exactly the same as caring for a fully grown one.

We want to help the next generation of dental professionals be able to take good care of the next generation of human teeth.

The importance of practising on lifelike, life-sized models

It’s not just about size - children have a dental anatomy that differs from adults. Paediatric dentistry involves being familiar with the intricacies of a child’s mouth, including tooth size, spacing, eruption patterns and the development of primary and secondary teeth. In fact, paediatric dental care is vital for the healthy development of adult teeth.

In order to perfect the techniques required to work with children, it’s important to practise with the right size models and the right equipment.

In addition to having the necessary skill set, confidence is equally important. Even adults experience apprehension when it comes to visiting the dentist; children understandably feel the same. To reassure younger patients, dental professionals must exude confidence in their own abilities.

Pulpotomy teeth

One Dental’s unique pulpotomy teeth offer a realistic training experience for dental students. They are available in all the primary molars and have distinctive red canals that you can see in the root. To practise cutting teeth, simply insert the pulpotomy teeth into our paediatric models by screwing them into place.

Pulpotomy teeth come in two variations: uncut or with a broken down marginal ridge to provide different alternatives for students.

And the realism continues...

When the high speed water spray hits the red pulp tissue, you have a simulated pulpotomy with noticeable blood oozing and becoming viscous, just as it would in a real-life scenario. Students can then excavate the pulp material and get a real feel for the convex pulpal floor and horns. Following excavation, you clean and proceed as you would clinically with standard materials.

What makes One Dental’s pulpotomy teeth more lifelike than alternatives?

By accurately mimicking the intricacies involved in a real pulpotomy procedure, we are giving students the closest thing to hands-on experience as possible.

Similar products on the market use red wax to simulate the pulpotomy. The water isn’t able to break down the wax, resulting in a slippery mass that fails to replicate its true texture and behaviour, providing an inauthentic experience for dental students.

More paediatric products

Caring for smaller smiles is an art. At One Dental, we offer various paediatric dental training tools to help students learn the craft. In addition to our lifelike pulpotomy teeth, we supply various models and replaceable teeth.

We have models that are ideal for teaching restorative techniques, including permanent anterior fractures, models with carious teeth, models featuring a full deciduous dentition along with permanent first molars, patented Ivorine® teeth designed to cut like natural enamel tooth structure and more.

Talk to the experts in dental education supplies

Paediatric dental training tools are essential resources for dental students who want to provide the best possible care for our smallest smiles. Children are the future, just as dental students are the future of the dental industry.

One Dental is proudly Australian owned and the preferred provider for dental education, including paediatric supplies. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll source it for you.

Talk to our team today to discuss your needs or to learn more about our pulpotomy teeth or other paediatric dental training tools and supplies.


Paediatric dental training tools: learning to care for smaller smiles