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The FDI Sustainability in Dentistry project

Oral healthcare is essential for overall health and quality of life. And the more essential something is, the more crucial ethical and sustainable delivery becomes. That's why sustainability in dentistry is so important. How can we ensure access to quality dental care for future generations if we don't act responsibly now?

At One Dental, we're more than just a dental supply business. We love this industry and we love our community. For this reason, we're committed to sustainable practices and in doing what’s best for our clients, employees and the planet.

Taking a stand for healthcare

Did you know that the healthcare sector generates about 5% of global gas emissions and that oral healthcare is a significant contributor?

To assist dental professionals and their teams work towards sustainable practices, the FDI World Dental Federation has created the Sustainability in Dentistry interactive toolkit.

The Sustainability in Dentistry toolkit offers dental professionals the resources and tools they need to reduce the environmental impact of their practices.

Our founder and visionary, Joanne Stanbury, is on the Australian Dental Association Working Party, currently assisting in the creation of a Sustainable Dentistry Strategy, which will be an Australian version of the Sustainability in Dentistry toolkit.

What’s the goal?

The Sustainability in Dentistry project aims to raise awareness of the need for sustainable actions and create a guide for oral health professionals to follow moving forward.

According to a 2021 report, the two main forms of pollution arising from oral healthcare are carbon emissions and single-use plastics. And the whole supply chain is responsible, from manufacturing to distribution and clinical use. That’s why all stakeholders in the industry need to be onboard in order to effect change.

There are so many improvements that we can make to ensure dental care is sustainable. Some include: reducing emissions and the use of plastics, using more environmentally friendly materials, better water use management, going paperless in offices, using biodegradable cleaning agents, making energy efficient changes in clinics, employing renewable energy sources and integrating a more comprehensive re-use and recycling regime.

The keys to success are knowledge and education.

Education is the prerequisite that will facilitate incorporating sustainability within the profession. (Martin, Smith and Mulligan Dent Update 2021; 48: 524–531)

Prevention is better than cure

In the same way that abstaining from smoking can prevent lung cancer, preventative oral health care mitigates the necessity for future interventions. When we limit the need for surgical and other more aggressive treatments, we reduce environmental impact.

In oral healthcare, a lot of conditions are preventable. With better monitoring and screening, we can catch and treat these early, reducing the need for actions and products that cause harm to our environment.

Good oral health results in fewer interventions with improved patient and professional satisfaction. A reduction in interventions results in immediate sustainable outcomes. (FDI - World Dental Federation)

Save the date

At One Dental, we are excited for the FDI World Dental Congress in Sydney, September 24-27, co-hosted by the Australian Dental Association. Dental industry professionals from around the globe will gather to share insight, and sustainability will be a hot topic.

The Congress will include interactive forums, a scientific program and a dental exhibition designed to promote innovative ways for professionals to deliver optimal oral health in Australia and beyond.

The One Dental contribution

At One Dental, we are already ‘thinking green’ and implementing ethical and sustainable measures in our business operations. Some of them include:

  • Using solar power
  • Partnerships with EPA to reduce waste and SIMS Metal to foster instrument recycling
  • Refurbishing manikins and models to decrease landfill and promote reuse
  • Phasing out the use of plastic bags in our vending machines.

Talk to the dental supply experts

The right of future generations to a world with adequate natural resources must be respected. (FDI - World Dental Federation)

One Dental is your go-to dental product supplier for students, educators and private practice. We wholeheartedly support sustainability in dentistry as we want future generations to have the resources they need to enjoy exceptional oral healthcare.

Talk to our team today to discuss your dental product needs. Feel free to ask us how we’re working towards a more sustainable dental industry.


The FDI Sustainability in Dentistry project