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How technology and modern applications are advancing dentistry in Australia

Technological advances in dentistry are transforming dental care in so many ways, making diagnosis, treatment and care easier, less invasive and more streamlined than ever before.

Research shows that more than half of Australians aren't visiting their dentist regularly because of high costs and simply because they are afraid.

As a dental professional, it's crucial that you offer the latest technologies at your practice. Being visibly committed to staying on the cutting edge of modern dentistry will not only put your clients at ease, but simplify your operations and allow you to be more precise in your treatment and diagnosis.

Digital evolutions to take advantage of

S-rays: Ultrasonic devices are useful for mapping the teeth and gums in 3D. This allows dental practitioners to more easily diagnose cavities and various oral diseases.

Digital imaging: Intraoral and digital cameras are increasingly popular for documenting the clinical condition of teeth, gums and mouth through still and moving images. The TruView PSP/Film or Digital Positioning Device is a proudly Australian-designed and manufactured device, and is available here through One Dental. It produces images of high diagnostic quality, with a minimal number of exposures.

Discover more about TruView and its origin here.

Laser equipment: Dental professionals are increasingly using laser technology, producing little to no discomfort for the patient and it requires no sutures. Soft-tissue lasers are now often used for procedures like minor gum surgeries.

LED headlamps: Paired with technologically advanced dental loupes, these can eliminate the need for overhead lamps entirely, while allowing dentists to see the magnified area more clearly.

Biomaterials: While the development of biomaterials is still underway, their application is steadily spreading across Australia and the world. Dental biomaterials are mainly used to replace damaged or lost tooth substance, teeth and jawbone in the most natural way. Biomaterials are useful for fillings, crowns, bridges, implants and removable prosthetics.

Age-specific training aids: Dental training can be difficult if students or aged-care/child-care nurses don’t have sufficient access to lifelike training aids like minikins, jaws and teeth.

Training in the aged care or childcare space looks different to general dental training due to jaw size, teeth composition and gum condition. The future is about being more specific. Our recent collaboration with Dr Mark Wotherspoon to create the aged care specific manikin, Gordon, has opened doors to create more patient-specific simulation aids.

Artificial intelligence in dentistry

Gone are the days when we refer to artificial intelligence advancements in the medical industry as “something to look out for in the future.” We’re already there, and if dental practitioners and educators don’t keep up with AI advancements in dentistry, they’ll find themselves left behind.

The ongoing developments and improvements in these technologies are bringing about even more advanced tools that hold the promise of improving dental care for patients of all backgrounds.

One application of AI technology that some dentists are already exploring is the use of AI-enhanced bitewing radiographs. Traditionally, a dentist usually scans for cavities across roughly 300 surfaces per day. However, with human examination, dentists can easily overlook small issues. AI-enhanced bitewing radiography automatically highlights potential problem areas on radiographs, reducing the risk of missing cavities.

Also, if you aren’t already using AI in your practice administration or student communication, it’s worth investigating to save you time, hassle and resources.

Using AI to offer smart scheduling for your dental office will free up personnel to focus on more important matters. For patient and student communication, AI applications are suitable for comms like post-operative queries, prescription refills and simple student requests.

Partner with One Dental for future-focused dental innovation

At One Dental, we leverage our expertise in the dental industry and build powerful partnerships to help our clients stay ahead of the curve when it comes to dental equipment and training tools.

Talk to our team today for product design, customised kits and dental supplies that will help streamline your practice and teaching methods.

How technology and modern applications are advancing dentistry in Australia