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The One Dental difference

One Dental is a family-owned Australian dental supply company that imports, manufactures and distributes hundreds of clinically proven and innovative dental products.

It's a competitive market, but One Dental's unique industry acumen, driven by CEO and Founder Joanna Stanbury, sets it apart from the rest.

The personalised, one-on-one service provided by One Dental staff to all industry stakeholders allows for a bespoke service offering all customers can benefit from.

For Joanne, this will always be at the crux of the One Dental difference.

“We build rapport with our clients and we build lasting relationships,” Joanne said.

“We don’t subscribe to the usual sales techniques they are used to from larger conglomerates and we won’t compromise on quality service.

Our customers trust us to help them to solve problems, and they know that even if we can’t solve the problem personally, we will find a way to get it done.”

There are many factors that set One Dental apart from its competitors - find out first time how your business can benefit from the One Dental difference.

Quality service, quality products - ahead of the pack

One Dental’s commitment to the oral health education system is paramount to its innovation and its boutique-style service offering allows flexibility in meeting client needs.

“Being an SME, we are able to bend and stretch to meet the evolving needs of our customers,” Joanne said.

“At One Dental, we know that success involves more than just innovation and an extensive line of quality products. It requires the provision of consistently superior service and adding value to what we offer.”

One Dental prides itself on providing superior service to clients and quickly responding to new, evidence-based market trends, ensuring the company remains a dynamic, service oriented business that promotes high-quality products at competitive prices.

“One thing we ensure we do here at One Dental is provide consistency to our customer base, and we do that well,” Joanne said.

“They come to us because they know what they’re going to get and they know what they’re going to pay and even when times have been difficult in sourcing materials throughout COVID, we have ensured we kept the lines of communication open with our clients to avoid disruption as much as possible.”

Exclusive distribution and quality brands

For more than a decade, One Dental has been the Australian distributor of choice for quality dental materials brands.

Suppliers have come to rely upon the personalised service synonymous with One Dental’s name.

One Dental maintains strict quality control standards for its products and works to rectify any issues quickly and efficiently.

“We provide solutions for obstacles,” Joanne said.

“We are a major supplier to many teaching institutions and examination bodies, including the ADC, supporting local and international students, along with supplying dental clinics with everyday products through our web e-store or via our dental vending machines.
Our suppliers know their products are going to be represented professionally and made accessible to students, dental educators, dental clinics, oral health professionals and patients seeking oral hygiene products.”

One Dental’s product categories include:

  • Burs
  • Crown and bridge
  • Dental simulation
  • Disposable products
  • Eyewear
  • Endodontics equipment
  • Finishing and polishing
  • Ear protection
  • Impression
  • Infection control
  • Orthodontics
  • Patient education
  • Veterinarian
  • X-ray and more.

Flexible and agile work processes

As One Dental’s operations have grown, we’ve made a concerted effort to ensure our business operations have maintained the agility to adapt to a rapidly changing oral health industry.

According to Joanne, the company’s strong foothold in the oral health education industry has informed its commitment to maintaining organisational flexibility to meet its customers’ needs.

“Being heavily involved in education and even in educational research, One Dental is well-informed to adapt to the changes occurring in the overall oral health industry in a proactive way,” she said.

“We have Board involvement and research involvement with a number of educational institutions and this ensures we are at the forefront of change.

The industry is moving at a rapid pace, both in terms of the materials used by professionals and educators and the expectations of customers.”

One Dental prides itself on providing superior service to clients and quick to respond to new, evidence-based market trends, ensuring the company remains a dynamic, service oriented business which promotes high quality products at competitive prices.

This is all part of the One Dental difference that you can experience for yourself as a One Dental supplier or customer.

Shared knowledge and shared goals

Joanne’s suppliers often comment that they met her long ago, but their relationship with One Dental has stood the test of time.

Joanne said building a rapport with other industry stakeholders is paramount to her brand focus at One Dental.

“We know a lot of our suppliers and customers personally,” she said.

“We have their numbers saved and we are on a first name basis with them as they are with us and our team.

I feel honoured to be an industry partner to a wide range of industry professionals and providers and I take my role very seriously in terms of advocating for my customers and business partners however I can.

One Dental is a business that will always encourage our stakeholders to pick up the phone and call us for a chat about their thoughts or direction. We are always open to feedback and we are always learning and evolving.”

Engage the experts in dental supplies

One Dental strives to meet the needs of a wide variety of stakeholders across the oral health industry and build lasting connections that stand the test of time.

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The One Dental difference