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Local Anaesthesia Manikin 2.0 ARRIVES!

Oral Anaesthesia Manikin 2.0 ARRIVES!

With the assistance of local dental professionals and innovative manufacturing processes, we now have a Local Oral Anaesthesia Manikin that incorporates 10 sensors, providing a realistic teaching experience. Students can pulpate inside the oral cavity and feel for key landmarks before inserting their injection syringe. Sensor points are:

2 x Infra-orbital
2 x Posterior Superior Alveolar Block (PSA)
2 x Mental Nerve Block
2 x Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block
2 x Muccobuccal

With self sealing, durable mucosa and sensors that activate light/sound providing a visual and hearing feedback for both the student and demonstrators.  The manikin can be fitted onto a bench mount or headrest mount, so it can easily be mounted onto a dental chair.  The manikin and mount can easily be stored away in our unique small red optional case.

We are proudly innovating and bringing realistic dental education products to your training facility.

Click on the link to download a flyer: