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DentaPrac - elevating dental education through enhanced manual dexterity training

Are you a dental student looking to perfect your manual dexterity skills? DentaPrac is an innovative solution from One Dental, created to refine and enhance manual dexterity skills and revolutionise dental education. DentaPrac empowers students to thrive and excel on their journey to becoming dental professionals.

At One Dental, we are your trusted, Australian-owned provider of cutting-edge simulation tools for dental education. We proudly stock an extensive range of products, tools and supplies tailored to meet the dental industry's ever-changing needs, with DentaPrac being another testament to our commitment to excellence in dental education and training.


Manual dexterity mastery with DentaPrac

DentaPrac is a groundbreaking advancement in dental education that enhances manual dexterity, depth perception and measuring ability. With continuous refinement and research supported by Australian Government Entrepreneurial Grants, this training product is also ideal for helping students obtain their 'handpiece license'. We are deeply grateful for the Entrepreneurial Grants in matching our own investment to make this product a reality.

Designed and manufactured by One Dental with meticulous attention to detail and with the in-house expertise of graphic design and product practicality specialist Dean Stanbury, DentaPrac has been continuously adapted to meet the evolving needs of the market.

Enhanced training and versatility

Offering a cost-effective, comprehensive training experience that goes beyond traditional methods, DentaPrac features multi-layered blocks with textural differences between layers. This design provides students with graphic and tactile feedback through the handpiece, encouraging them to measure, calibrate and assess visual acuity.

Whether used on the benchtop or with a manikin in the lower or upper jaw, DentaPrac facilitates hands-on learning and helps students advance their indirect vision skills. Additionally, it allows them to look, measure, calibrate and cut, further increasing their proficiency in dental procedures.

Customisation for optimal learning

At One Dental, we understand the importance of catering to individual learning needs. That's why DentaPrac offers customisable options for prints, colours, thicknesses and designs. Texture and hardness are also customisable to ensure students receive instant tactile feedback through the handpiece and visually.

Additionally, we now provide dual print options, including a red outline around shapes. This enhancement allows educators to better assess each student’s fine motor skills and overcutting tendencies.

Maximise your potential with DentaPrac

Mastering manual dexterity skills is crucial for dental professionals. These skills, which require precise hand movements and coordination, are indispensable for performing intricate procedures within the limited space of the oral cavity and ensuring high-quality patient care. In today’s digital age, where fine motor skills are less commonly practised due to increased reliance on computers and keyboards, cultivating these abilities becomes even more essential.

Are you ready to take your manual dexterity skills, depth perception and measuring ability to the next level? DentaPrac is here to help.

At One Dental, our dental training and simulation products help build ability and confidence so you can be the best dental professional you can be.

As students transition into the professional world, we continue to support them by providing a comprehensive range of dental products, tools, instruments and more.

To learn more, contact a member of our friendly team today or view products now. See DentaPrac in action here.

DentaPrac - elevating dental education through enhanced manual dexterity training