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Caries simulated teeth now more realistic (for better training)

Dentists commonly treat caries, as it is one of the most prevalent health problems.

In fact, one third of Australian adults have untreated tooth decay.

It’s crucial that dental students master the technique for restoring compromised tooth tissue that’s been damaged by caries, trauma, malformation, acid erosion and other causes.

Every dental student knows that extreme precision and skill is required in a clinical setting. Any mistakes cause unnecessary pain for the patient, and even lead to dental infections or irreversible damage.

Students should constantly refine their skills by practising on simulated caries. It’s the best way to improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and surgical techniques – in an environment where it’s safe to learn from mistakes with no risk to patients.

This is particularly true for students and recent graduates, but even applies to seasoned dentists who learn new skills as dentistry and technology evolve.


When it comes to practising on caries simulated teeth:

Many of the current products are suitable because they look realistic, due to shadowing under the marginal ridges and depth variations.

However, when it comes to the textural feel, there’s certainly room for improvement.

Simulated caries should feel as realistic as possible, to help students seamlessly transition from a learning environment to a clinical one.

This is why we’ve developed caries simulated teeth model that’s even more realistic than existing products.


Introducing Tru Caries for life-like appearance and tactile feel:

After many months of in-house testing and vigorous research, we’re proud to offer an extremely durable caries simulation that looks and feels just like a human tooth with decayed teeth.

Our range is suitable for both adult and paediatric dentitions, and can be customised to your specifications.

The darkened caries layer features a softer cutting characteristic that’s similar to caries. This is housed beneath the simulated translucent enamel layer.

There’s a spongy texture to our haptic equipment, so students can realistically experience what caries look and feel like in simulation – before treating an actual patient.

This tactile experience allows students to:

  • Practise removing caries with an excavator and other hand instruments
  • Understand how caries feel
  • See how caries progress in a tooth
  • Learn how to provide restoration to the tooth

Students improve their motor skills and get sensory feedback in an environment where it’s safe to make mistakes. Training time is also reduced – which is good news for faculty staff too.


One Dental offers Tru Caries simulated teeth across our entire range:

We create customised caries teeth that suit the teaching programs of every school, clinic, hospital, teaching institution and business that engages our services.

Our team works with a range of materials, manufacturers and academics to bring your dental simulation products to life.

One Dental is a family business that’s 100% Australian-owned. We import, manufacture and distribute hundreds of clinically proven dental products. Our experienced team has even trained in the dental industry, so we can offer support and training for our products.


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Caries simulated teeth now more realistic (for better training)