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Handy tips for buying quality dental tools (with no regrets)

Handy tips for buying quality dental tools (with no regrets) 

A dental professional relies on their tools to help patients look after their oral health.

Whether you’re cleaning teeth, treating infections or diagnosing problems – you need suitable instruments for specific tasks.

There are so many options available, it’s important to make the right choices.


Every tool has a unique function, which must be understood for peak performance.

For example:

It’s not good enough to reach for any bur when polishing or removing dentin. If you need extreme precision, a diamond bur will probably serve you best, whereas steel burs are commonly used for cavities.

Instruments should also be high quality:

It takes longer to treat patients with blunt or substandard instruments (this means fewer appointments and more discomfort for patients). Your own health may suffer too, as a result of poor ergonomic design.

Consider dental scaling, which dentists do all the time. Holding a heavy scaler can make you feel tired and fatigued – which is not what you want when on your feet all day!

This is what happens when dentists take shortcuts with their instruments:

  • Patient care is compromised
  • The dentist is unable to perform optimally
  • Equipment needs to be replaced more frequently, which costs money
  • Longer appointments with fewer patients – translates to loss of revenue


Although quality equipment often costs more, it’s worth it when you’re able to work more efficiently (which lifts revenue).

Premium products are made to last, which saves costs on replacements too. This is particularly important if you’re saving money while studying – the tools you buy should last beyond your education years.


How do you make the best choices?

This can be overwhelming, as there are many online dental suppliers to choose from.

Consider these factors when buying equipment:

  1. Is the supplier reputable?

If the website is difficult to navigate and doesn’t have clear contact details, consider looking elsewhere. Reputable sellers generally have user-friendly websites, with decent shipping, warranty and returns policies. Choose a supplier that’s trusted by teaching institutions, hospitals and dental practitioners. Ensure the products are TGA approved and the company has appropriate recall certification.

  1. Does the seller offer quality products with competitive pricing?

Their products catalogue should be comprehensive and diverse, featuring reputable brands.

  1. Can you rely on the supplier to give you extensive product training and guidance?

Purchase equipment from suppliers with strong technical expertise and customer service. Vendors with extensive dental experience can help you select suitable products for your needs, and teach you how to use them.


Looking for quality dental products? We’re here to help!

One Dental is a family business that’s 100% Australian-owned. We import, manufacture and distribute hundreds of clinically proven dental products to universities, teaching institutions, hospitals, dealers and others in the profession.

Our experienced team has been trained in the dental industry, so we can offer support and training for our products.

One Dental also created the first dedicated dental vending machine to assist students and patients – by supplying quality essentials in one location that’s easy to quickly access.

Check out our range of Nordent Instruments that have a life time guarantee.

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Handy tips for buying quality dental tools (with no regrets)