One Dental Supports

Dental Collaboration between One Dental (Australia) and KIDS

One Dental of NSW, Australia has been both a kind donor of needed restorative materials as well a personnel for the 2013 KIDS Dental Mission to Cambodia. The generosity of Joanne Stanbury of One Dental NSW has allowed KIDS to treat more than 2000 needy orphan children in our two week mission to Cambodia.

KIDSKIDS in Cambodia

KIDS volunteers travel to Phnom Penh, Cambodia every February for a two-week mission. We spend our days treating children in the slums and alleyways of the city, and travel by van caravan and ferry to rural villages in the surrounding provinces.  The dentists treat up to 250 children per day without electricity, using school desks as dental chairs.  They use basic hand tools to provide preventative and emergency treatment: fluoride, sealants, extraction of decayed teeth, and basic Alternative Restorative Treatment (ART) restoration. For many of us, the time we spend in Cambodia is both the most heartbreaking and heartwarming experience of our lives.  As a developing and recently war-torn country, the poverty and lack of infrastructure that exists across Cambodia is unfathomable and gut wrenching. Although we spend our time with orphans, exploited children and families that can barely afford food and clothing, the spirit of the Khmer people is enduring and uplifting.  It is the people that keep us coming back year after year, but without some key people and organizations we know we could never make a difference. One Dent NSW Australia is one of these important organizations which helps KIDS accomplish its mission. KIDS look forward to their continued cooperation.