Dental Education

One Dental and Columbia Dentoform are business partners and when it comes to supplying quality, reliable dental education products with expert advice, we are the Number 1 choice.  With most Dental Schools now using our products we are proud to be able to provide students and faculty with innovative products customised to each school’s curriculum. We offer everything today’s dental student needs to confidently complete just about any course.

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Dentoform ADC ModelADC Accredited Model Pediatric Extraction ModelPediatric Extraction Model Periodontic and Extraction ModelPeriodontic and Extraction Healthy Hygiene ModelHealthy Hygiene Model Sectional Endodontic ModelSectional Endodontic Model
Clear View ModelClear View Models Tooth Brushing ModelTooth Brushing Model XRay ManikinX-Ray Manikin & Model Beach MountMounts ADC Model Manikin MountADC Manikin/Mount
LA ManikinOral Anaesthesia Training Manikin DentaPracDentaPrac Permanent TeethPermanent Teeth Primary TeethPrimary Teeth Endodontic PermanentEndo Teeth

ADC Order Form

ADC Orderform

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